Evolution of precipitation distribution 1979-2012

These are histograms of the monthly precipitation worldwide for 1979-1988 and 2003-2012 from MERRA, made by my new best friend, Giovanni, the data portal cared for by NASA NES DISC

comparison of 1979-1988 with 2003-2012

The x axes units are roughly an inch a month.

Amazing, isn't it? The distribution has broadened and shifted to the right, just like in the temperature data exhibited by Hansen in 2011 in the climate dice paper, Cimate Dice and updated at http://www.nasa.gov/pdf/719139main_2012_GISTEMP_summary.pdf

Shifting temperature distributions

These are monthly precipitation data gridded at 2/3 x 1/2 degree, displayed as histograms. Note the bulge forming at higher precipitation in the last frame. Histograms of decadal precipitation data

For a look at patterns in E. China see here .